Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slave Leia Cosplay tutorial Part 4

Time for what completes any outfit, accessories!

What you will need:

- Crayola air dry clay foam
- Thick paper (like used before)
- Velcro
- Rubber cement
- Hot Glue
- Gold Paint
- Paint brushes
- Two plastic hair combs

So first off, I had issues with what to do for my hair. I have fairly long blonde hair, it covers my boobs when its down, so pretty long. The problem was, its layered and its not long enough to actually do the hairstyle. So I broke down and went on the hunt for a braid extension and I found one. 


 Its really nice and it almost matches my hair color, if one of the braids above doesn't match your hair exactly or not enough, you can always dye it. The only thing I advise is if your going to dye it get the platinum blonde braid as when you dye the synthetic hair you can only dye darker not lighter.

As you can see you can just buy the gold thing at the end of her hair for an extra five dollars, but I made mine. I took the paper and made to small "fin" type shaped shapes about one and half inches long, you can make it however big you want, along with a good three inch long rectangular strip. I then just taped the fins to the strip and taped it around the end of the hair.

Here's what mine looks like:

  I then moved on to the bracelet and the arm band. The bracelet I free handed, again this is a great part where pictures of the items came in great handy. The bracelet sorta goes up and over your arm, see picture below to get the idea or look up a picture of the actual bracelet. After getting the shape I took the air dry clay and added the details, gluing them on with rubber cement. For the armband, I again looked at pictures and free handed it. I started out with a rectangular piece of thick paper that just about wrapped around my upper arm, I then drew on the paper two strips in the middle so I knew where to glue my first two "snakes body" of air dry clay. I then made somewhat of a stretched out "S" that I taped on the back, to make the snake parts, I then glued the two "snakes heads" of air dry clay. IMPORTANT: DO NOT LET EITHER OF THESE TWO ACCESSORIES DRY FLAT, THEY WILL CRACK IF YOU DO AS THEY WILL NOT BEND. For the bracelet I simply taped the ends together and for the armband I taped the paper to a empty glass salsa jar that I found in my recycling.

After the armband dries make sure to cut out all excess paper, there will be on either side of the snakes that form the "S". Then take your hot glue and hot glue velcro on them so you can get them on and off. Paint, a few coats maybe, let dry and your done with those. Here's how mine turned out:

Now time for the hair stuff. First I went out and bought a package of two hair combs. If you don't know what I am talking about look at my pictures and you will notice them. They were a whopping total of ninety eight cents. I then took the patterns of the hair clips off of Slave Bikini Builders and printed them out, print them out as big as you need them. I then glued the paper onto the thick paper with rubber cement. Then took the air dry clay and put the details on it. let it dry and then paint it. After its painted and looks gold turn them over and hot glue the combs to it, close to the edge of the actual paper. By hot gluing the shapes to the comb it bends the shapes slightly making them pop off your head a little like they are on Leia's.

Here they are:

 There ya go, tomorrow I will finish with the collar!

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